20 February 2014

My Shopping Experience At Zalora Malaysia


I'm sure you guys have heard of the ever so talked about Zalora Website, it has currently taken online shopping to a whole new level and has easily become Asia's leading online fashion destination. The lovely items showcased above are my first ever purchases from Zalora Malaysia. And I've got to admit, they did not disappoint at all. The Zalora Website not only carry clothing items, but also bags, accessories, watches, sports wear, beauty and Muslim wear. The many brands that Zalora has to offer varies from high-end to the more affordable ones. These brands include, MANGO, Ezra, American Apparel, VINCCI, Nine West and so much more. 

My overall experience shopping at Zalora Malaysia was splendid. From the ordering process, to delivery and even price and quality, they were all spot on. In my first order I actually only ordered 3 items, which were the Black Ezra Wedges, Metallic Pink River Island Purse and the Mandarin Collar Top. However, the silly me accidentally order the wrong size for the Black Ezra Wedges. Fret not as Zalora offers free returns within 30days of purchase, which then you'd be refunded fully in store credit which you can reorder the correct size or repurchase and other item of your choice. How great is that?

After noticing my mistake, I immediately repackaged the box and sent it back on its way to the Zalora Warehouse, (yey for no postage charges!). It was my first time shopping at Zalora hence I emailed their customer service to expect my returned shoes. Within the next day, the Zalora Customer Services were friendly enough to inform me that they have received my returned shoes and would proceed my full refund in store credit within the next 3 working days. Within the stated time, I got my store credit and went on getting the shoes in the correct size & even added on a pair of Nude Sandal Heels in my order. All my items came in top shape and to my surprise the shoes were of very good quality.

Plus points to look out for. 
1. Subscribe to their newsletter to be up to date with promotions and new trends, also enjoy a RM20 off your purchase!
2. Free postage to all states and regions in Malaysia with a minimum purchase of RM75.
3. No credit card? Fret not, they offer Cash On Delivery (COD) services right to your doorstep! Just type in your postcode here, to ensure they offer COD services at your area. 

Interested in any of the items seen above? Here are the links. 

Enjoy RM25 discount when you shop at Zalora Malaysia when you key in "ZLXVT1ZVnN" at the coupon code section at checkout! Happy shopping everyone! :)

01 February 2014

31 January 2014

REVIEW: Benefit Cosmetics | Feelin' Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit

Feelin' dandy anyone? 
Felt completely over the moon when I received this lovely Benefit cheek and lip kit from my dear Mom last Christmas. The kit consists of 4 mini sized Benefit products which guarantees a "radiantly pretty look".

The items included in this Cheek and Lip Kit are...
1. Posietint, 4mL - Poppy-Pink tinted lip and cheek stain.
2. Dandelion - Face brightening powder.
3. High Beam, 4mL - Liquid highlighter.
4. Ultra Plush Dandelion, 6.5mL - Lip gloss.
* Comes with tips & tricks manual, plus a large mirror too.

The products in this kit are numbered 1-4 in accordance of the manual, a step by step illustration on how to apply these products.

1. Posietint
One of the many Benefit liquid cheek and lip stains. But my take on the Posietint is that it give a very natural sheen of pink to your cheeks and lips, nothing too extravagant. But for the amount of money I would rather spend on one that gives a more noticeable hue, like the Benetint.
*Tip: Apply Posietint on fingers before rubbing onto cheeks to avoid dots being noticeable.

2. Dandelion
Dandelion, their face brightening powder. This product is very well self explanatory. Swipe a hint of this all over your face or at the points where you need brightening, and tada!

3. High Beam
High beam, a liquid highlighter. The product that I was most excited about in the lot. I was contemplating whether or not to get the full sized one, but instead Mom beat me to it with this mini sized one. Which is good as I get to try it out first before committing to a full sized one. Well this would be my favourite out of the 4 products, this liquid highlighter has a creamy consistency but no worries, it goes on the skin smoothly and doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky. The colour has a pink hue to it, suitable for most skin tones. The only downside about the product would be it's packaging, the brush applicator makes removing the remaining product hard resulting in a lot wasted product.

4.Ultra Plush Dandelion Lip Gloss
A sheer pink lip gloss, doesn't have much colour pay off but only a tiny bit of pink, good  for laying over nude lips for some shine. Plus thing about this lip gloss is it doesn't feel sticky on the lips.

Overall thoughts on the Feelin' Dandy Kit: Perfect little kit for people who want a natural everyday youthful look. Products are easy to use and good for travel as well.

23 January 2014

REVIEW: The Body Shop | Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - 02: Fair Matte

I've always been a big fan of bronzers. Though in Malaysia, it is very hard to find quality yet budget friendly make up, especially bronzers. Drug stores brands which I do know for a fact carry bronzers don't carry them here in Malaysia, which is so sad.

Early last year I stumbled upon this beauty while strolling through The Body Shop, it's called their Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder. I knew The Body Shop carried bronzers but they were the kind filled with sparkles and I wasn't fond of the idea of being a sparkly bronzed up doll. But to my surprise, this Honey Bronzer didn't have shimmer in it, pure matte brown bronzer to perfection, I knew I had to get it. I got mine in the shade 03: Medium Matte, for RM 69.00.

For short, I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE this bronzer. It doesn't give an orangey tone like some bronzers do. It certainly doesn't look muddy at all. The pigmentation for the bronzer is buildable to your liking. I personally use this bronzer with a contour brush, swipe it under my cheekbones, along my temple and jaw, this gives the face a more sculpted look and a healthy bronze effect.

L-R : Shade 02: Fair Matte ,  03: Medium Matte
Swatches L-R:  02 Fair Matte, 03 Medium Matte, 04 Deep Matte.
Swatch credited to : http://beautykissxo.blogspot.com/

Now, I've certainly hit pan-broken top-scratched up cover (Much love indeed) with my 03: Medium Matte one. Hence, I was on a hunt for a new one. But as usual, stores in KL no longer carry the Honey Bronzer line, correct me if I'm wrong. But lucky me, I was on holiday in Kota Kinabalu and had a chance to get my hands on them at the K.K Airport. However, the darkest shade they had was 02: Fair Matte, but I still got it anyways. It's a tad bit lighter than 03, but like I said the colour is very much buildable. However, I would still say I prefer the shade 03: Medium matte, less hassle, less product used.

- No shimmer!, completely matte
- Buildable colour.
- Not muddy
- Not orangey
- Nice packaging with cute honeycomb design with faint honey smell.

Been using this bronzer for over a year now, honestly I just love it, no outstanding cons so far besides...
- Tough to find in The Body Shop stores ( in Malaysia)

Both Essie Button (This bronzer has even made her Top 10 products of 2013) & Miss Glamorazzi have both jumped on the bandwagon with this bronzer. To know that makes my everyday face routine even more enjoyable :3

Available on The Body Shop UK website.