22 November 2014

What Is In My Travel Make Up Bag?

It is done!, first year of university is done! Now, it's time to return to the land of Nasi Lemak and Humidity1000. Since I'm in the midsts of packing, I thought why not I show you what make up I'll be packing along for my 3-month long summer break back home to Malaysia. 

It was tough deciding what to bring back, especially with clothes. "Is 6 pairs of denim shorts too much?" "COLOUR. FIT. LENGTH. CUT. THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT IN THEIR OWN WAY" You see my struggle. Sigh. Make-up wise, I just brought back what I thought would suit the Malaysian humidity and of course what I'd wear on a daily basis. Some of these products are fairly new, so I'm going to be testing them out to see if I like them. Also, can I say I'm really loving this make up bag from @unmasqued (find them on instagram), as it is big enough to fit everything listed below, even the palette and my brushes!


[L-R] Make Up Bag | Real Technique & Sephora Brushes | Urban Decay Naked 1 | Essie Nail Polish - Mint Candy Apple | Mario Badescu Facial Spray. 

[L-R] Sunkiller Daily Sunscreen | Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | The Balm Mary Lou-manizer | Rimmel Natural Bronzer | Rimmel Stay Matte | BYS Blush Trio - Coral Me In

[L-R] Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Barely Branded | Maybelline The Rocket Mascara | Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner - Kohl | Heavy Rotation Liquid Pen Eyeliner | Eyelash Curler | Colour Combo Eyebrow Kit - Brown | Face of Australia HD Brow Kit | Urban Decay Naked 1

[L-R] Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - Tantalizing Taupe | NYX Butter Gloss - Madeleine | NYX Butter Gloss - Creme Brulee | Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush | Burt's Bees Lip Balm - Pink Grapefruit | Benefit Dandelion Lip Gloss | 
Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stain - Lovesick Passionnee | Revlon Matte Balm - Sultry.

I'm pretty sure this 'collection' of mine would expand when it's time to return to Brisbane, Apologies for the harsh lighting on the photos, I can't get good lighting for nuts in my room here in Aussie. Till the next post... updated from Malaysia, till then! xx

22 July 2014

University Life

The great court of Uni. of Queensland.
Hello everyone. I have yet to throw up an update here on my where abouts after college. After a joyous struggle, yes that is exactly how I'd refer my SAM days in Taylors Subang were. Joyous - were the people, the teachers and my liking for assignment based assessments. Struggles - were the amount of content to stuff in in a short 9 and a half month course. But without a doubt, I thoroughly enjoyed it. (didn't say I'd ever repeat it)

and nonetheless after that struggle, here I am now, in the university of my choice, The University of Queensland.  Taking on Bachelor of Commerce, and pushing myself through a double major in Accounting and Finance.

I'd admit, Bach. of Commerce was not entirely my first choice when it came to choosing what I wanted to do. At the time when university applications came up, I'd fill in Bach. of Commerce as my first choice and a part of me felt like I was lying to myself, as my interests lied in Nutrition and Dietetics/Sport Science (yes, totally on the other end of the spectrum). Therefore, to make my inner self happy that I'd actually fill my last few choices as Nutrition & Dietetics.

I have never told anyone, but I did get into a couple of universities for Nutrition. But no surprise at all, I stuck with BcComm. After much persuading and convincing by my dad and after long thoughts about "what I actually see myself doing for the rest of my life". Coming from a family of Accountants/Consultants, that's typically where I'd picture yourself. I'm not saying that they forced me into doing this, but I'd say I was thinking in this sense, "realistically la Nic, do you picture yourself as a Dietician?" "No... yes... okay no, not in Malaysia." Some days I do ponder whether was I just doing this because I was afraid of doing something no one else has done before in the family?, was I just trying to satisfy everyone else?, was I doing this because I was 'more comfortable'? (ps: my elder brother did SAM and proceeded to do BcComm as well in UNSW), and sometimes I do wonder if maybe the reason why my dad never pictured me doing sciences was because he never believe I could. My parents are not the kind who talks to me much about my studies, which at times I'd like as it gives me a sense of responsibility, as I strongly believe that my studies is my responsibility. But sometimes, I'd preferred them to notice some things I was actually excelling at. Sigh.

Then one day, a drive kicked in, if there was a time I should push myself and make my parents notice it should be now, in university where certificates and what not actually mattered! Since that thought, I had made a promise to myself to not take the easy way and ticked the box which said "double major" without hesitation. Mind you I have never once touched accounting prior university, it is a totally new language to me. Therefore, that is my challenge, it is not something I'm comfortable with and I'm doing this to prove to myself that one can succeed with hard work. I know it sounds so damn cheesy, but I swear by believe in hard work. Hopefully someday I'll be able to work somewhere which appreciates both my interests in Health and Fitness and my degree in Accounting and Finance.

Basically me. All day er day.
I've been in university for a full semester now, going to start my second semester in a week's time. I'd say the first semester flew by pretty quickly, Accounting For Decision Making, Business Law, Microeconomics and Introduction to Management were the courses I took that semester.  It was pretty swift sailing, except group work which I hated, must be because of my inner perfectionist, sigh long story which I do not wish to get into. But may I add that the bloody group project was the first time I had that many pimples of my face at once, and my skin is not even acne prone, wtf. Hence a word of advice, PICK GOD DAMN GOOD TEAM MATES. Other than that, classes are pretty alright, believe it or not but my course only has me at 12 contact hours a week! Therefore, I managed to get away with only 4 days of classes a week, with my Mondays off (sweet!), could've gotten away with 3 days, but decided not to, as I was afraid I would develop into a lazy couch potato. Nonetheless, I've escaped my first semester of university with 3 Distinctions and 1 High Distinction, which I'm pretty satisfied of. I even got a "Well done Lili." from my dad :'). Advice: Study your ass off. Seriously. Slacking is no excuse.

I'd say the only thing I'm struggling here in university is the socialising and making new friends. As my course is a fairly LARGE course, having multiple lectures of each subject means you'll be meeting new faces every time for class, there is no seeing the same face for class ever. Therefore, most of the time it's a "Hi. Bye. Relationship" to the person in seat next to you (if there is one). Therefore, join a club! or get involved in Church (which significantly helped me a lot, socially and spiritually.) Honestly, I have not been putting much effort into getting to meet new people, which I am pretty embarrass to say. Hopefully, in the next semester I'd learn to break out of my shell, what's there to lose hey? University of Queensland has been looking into reviving their cheer squad, which sounds like good news. Hoping that will be my stepping stone in meeting more people and getting my fitness up again! Hopefully all goes well with that!

Lol, that was just basically a summary of life prior university and university. University life is not as dry and dull as I made it seem lah. I left out all the long breaks and fun social events I did throughout my first semester. We'll leave that for another post. That sums it up! x

21 July 2014

REVIEW: The Balm | Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

Highlighting may not be the most important step in your make-up routine. However, if you are like me you'd agree it is one of the most important steps not to miss! From creams, to liquids, to powders, highlighters comes in all forms, and shades as well.

I've heard heaps about this particular highlighter from The Balm, and most definitely from my all time favourite beauty blogger/vlogger Estee (EssieButton!). I had this product on the back of my head for quite sometime now. One day strolling in SASA, I found myself staring at it. For it was quite pricey for just a highlighter, I hesitated. Hogging The Balm counter I was, making a gazillion swatches, like I not already how much of a beauty it was. Ah, fudge it, just get it. and oh boy, it was a well RM65 spent.

Boy I was wrong for saying it was "just a highlighter". For starters, this highlighter is a yellowy-champagne-tone highlighter. The texture of it is like butter on your finger tips, so soft. The pigmentation of it is out of this world as well. I particularly enjoyed this highlighter as it distinctively highlights and brings so much light to the face without having glitter flakes on your face.

Having said that it is an extremely pigmented highlighter, you may want to use a brush and a light hand when applying this highlighter onto the high points of your face. I use the Real Techniques Contour brush to dust this onto my cheekbones, and the Urban Decay Naked I palette brush to apply it onto my brow bone and down the bridge of my nose, cupids bow and inner corners of my eyes. This highlighter is also works great as an all-over-the lid champagne coloured eye shadow.

Overall thoughts, best powder highlighter I've tried so far. Comment below if you think there's a highlighter out there that could top this that I should try!

Till the next post, lovies x.

20 February 2014

My Shopping Experience At Zalora Malaysia


I'm sure you guys have heard of the ever so talked about Zalora Website, it has currently taken online shopping to a whole new level and has easily become Asia's leading online fashion destination. The lovely items showcased above are my first ever purchases from Zalora Malaysia. And I've got to admit, they did not disappoint at all. The Zalora Website not only carry clothing items, but also bags, accessories, watches, sports wear, beauty and Muslim wear. The many brands that Zalora has to offer varies from high-end to the more affordable ones. These brands include, MANGO, Ezra, American Apparel, VINCCI, Nine West and so much more. 

My overall experience shopping at Zalora Malaysia was splendid. From the ordering process, to delivery and even price and quality, they were all spot on. In my first order I actually only ordered 3 items, which were the Black Ezra Wedges, Metallic Pink River Island Purse and the Mandarin Collar Top. However, the silly me accidentally order the wrong size for the Black Ezra Wedges. Fret not as Zalora offers free returns within 30days of purchase, which then you'd be refunded fully in store credit which you can reorder the correct size or repurchase any other item of your choice. How great is that?

After noticing my mistake, I immediately repackaged the box and sent it back on its way to the Zalora Warehouse, (yey for no postage charges!). It was my first time shopping at Zalora hence I emailed their customer service to expect my returned shoes. Within the next day, the Zalora Customer Services were friendly enough to inform me that they have received my returned shoes and would proceed my full refund in store credit within the next 3 working days. Within the stated time, I got my store credit and went on getting the shoes in the correct size & even added on a pair of Nude Sandal Heels in my order. All my items came in top shape and to my surprise the shoes were of very good quality.

Plus points to look out for. 
1. Subscribe to their newsletter to be up to date with promotions and new trends, also enjoy a RM20 off your purchase!
2. Free postage to all states and regions in Malaysia with a minimum purchase of RM75.
3. No credit card? Fret not, they offer Cash On Delivery (COD) services right to your doorstep! Just type in your postcode here, to ensure they offer COD services at your area. 

Interested in any of the items seen above? Here are the links. 

Enjoy 15% discount when you shop at Zalora Malaysia when you key in "ZBAPQDIVN" at the coupon code section during checkout! (only applicable to new shoppers). Happy shopping everyone! :)